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Chocolate Bouquets
Don't throw your flowers
away, eat them after you have enjoyed looking at them.
We can have so much fun and can be so
creative with molding chocolate. Use them for bouquets, add to your centerpieces for holidays and special events. Give as gifts.We can add our personalized chocolates and print your message, image, logo or picture for something extra special. If you are having a sports event, have a life size chocolate football, golf sets and golf balls, etc for fun. Great for business promotional items or personalized gifts for your business. Let us help create a center piece for your holiday table. Chocolate Easter Bunnies andEggs,Santa's and Snowmen,Turkeys.....
Have a holiday tray made for a special treat with our molded chocolate and custom printed chocolates or truffles. Great for favors for weddings etc...Choose from white, milk, dark or sugar-free chocolate. (White choc. can be tinted to any color). We have a lot of molds and access to many more.
$12.99 / pound
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