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Our solid chocolate truffles are a cut above the rest. Only the finest Belgian chocolate is used in our chocolate truffles. You can mix and match any of the four shapes (heart, round, hexagon or frame) to complete your masterpiece. They can be purchased in the 4 piece box, 2 piece box, or in bulk quantities for a beautiful tray using all 4 shapes plus the 2 different accent pieces.
Weight: 0.45 oz. Belgian Chocolate (Bottom layer milk chocolate, top layer white chocolate)
Size: 1.12 X 1.12

Minimum order 20 pieces.
Item # BT-4 Belgian Chocolate Truffle Set of 4 $7.49 each
 Item # STR-1 Fluted Round Truffle $1.89 each
Item # STR-3 Frame Truffle $1.89 each
Item # STR-4 Heart Truffle $1.89 each
Item # BT-2 Belgian Chocolate Truffle Set of 2 $4.29
Item # STR-2 Hexagonal Truffle $1.89 each
Bulk quantities for trays, please contact us for details to be sure your order is assembled the way you need it. Trays start at 24 pieces for $38.64 up to any quantity you might need.
When the occasion calls for something different from chocolate, these custom printed cookies will steal the show. They come in a vanilla flavor, key lime, chocolate, or mint chocolate. These are great for hot weather events, there is no worry about them melting.
Weight: 1 oz. Cookie
Size: 3.00 X 3.00
Minimum order of 20 pieces.
Item # 350 Chocolate Cookie $1.99 each
Item # 350-M Mint Chocolate Cookie $1.99 each
Item # 350-BV Vanilla Cookie $1.99 each
Item # 350-KL Key Lime Cookie $1.99 each
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